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7 Totally Weird but Super Cool Inventions of Today's Time

If your cleaning lady has bailed on you, did you try asking your 6-month old for some help in dusting and polishing your hardwood floors? No, we're not being funny. There is an invention that involves a crawling baby wearing a bodysuit attached with microfibre pieces at critical floor-swiping areas like the elbows, knees, stomach and legs. Your baby will crawl anyway, so why not use him as a human mop? For more crazy, cool and insane inventions, keep reading as we have charted out 7 of the coolest and weirdest inventions of today's times.

  1. Dogbrella

    Dogs are not a huge fan of rain. Most breeds don't particularly enjoy getting wet. What do you do?
    Enter - the dogbrella - a hybrid between a regular plastic umbrella and a dog leash, this neat invention is perfect for walking your dogs anytime, weather be darned! Just put on the leash as you use the regular one, and go out with a tiny umbrella on your furry friend's head that will protect it from the wet weather.

  2. Light Bites Candle Holders

    Why should you bother to buy forks and candles separately when you can enjoy the fun of both items in one, cool invention?
    These white coloured forks are a cinch to use with your birthday cake as they have small indentations at the end to hold your colorfully striped candles. So, once you wish and blow on your candles, you just have to pop them off from the end of your forks, turn these nifty things around and start gorging on your delectable cake.
    Clever and simple.

  3. Staircase Drawers

    Ever thought that your regular staircase is such a waste of real estate in a cramped house? This ingenuous invention is a collector's, a clutter-addict's and a hoarder's dream come true.
    Your regular wooden staircase is turned into a set of gigantic drawers that can pretty much hold anything you want.
    From seasonal items to winter and summer clothing, to years and years of books and magazines, whatever you want can be tossed here and pulled up when needed.

  4. Butter Stick Type

    Think of this as a glue-stick with butter coming out at the end instead of regular glue. Some might say it's pointless, but we think it's brilliant because you must have had those harried, time-pressed days when a cold slab of butter tears into the bread but just won't spread nicely, or hot summer days when butter melts away like water and you have greasy fingers and stains all over. This cool device is specially necessary in a household with young kids.

  5. Hug Me Pillow

    Can't bear the thought of lonely, sleepless nights? Get a Hug Me Pillow which is basically a pillow in the shape of half a man's chest and one arm. You can squeeze next to your pillow and hug it like you would a normal human being.
    Weird! But intriguing.

  6. The Weight Watchers Belt

    Trying to lose weight and need some motivation to keep going? Get a weight watchers belt with inches and centimeters clearly marked out, so you know, in real terms exactly how much flab you've managed to reduce. Intuitive and encouraging for all those dying to lose some pounds.

  7. Cutting Board Bird Feeder

    This is one smart invention that could work extremely well in solving food wastage issues, if it's worked on a bit more. What you have here is a cutting board with holes in it and a pipe that leads to a tiny bird feeder, so that whatever food item you're cutting, like bread or cake, the crumbs of it will not go to waste. The residual crumbs will get collected in the bird feeder attached at the end.

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