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5 Super Cool Books about Inventions

Want to be inspired by the creativity of great inventors? Feel like reading a good book about inventing things? Or just want to learn from an innovative genius?

Fret not as we have charted out a list of 5 awesome books about inventions. Gift them to fellow invention-story-enthusiasts or gobble them up by yourself, you will definitely love the rich history, the crazy innovations, the sheer cleverness of the inventors and their brilliant inventions.

Read on.

  1. Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson

    World-famous, innovative company Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs's exclusive biography tells a compelling tale of his life. An extraordinary book dealing with the details of Jobs' personal and professional life, it is based on three years of interviews with the late co-owner of Apple, along with close friends, family and colleagues. One of the greatest innovators of this generation, this book makes for a must-read if you're into inventions of any kind.

  2. Longitude By Dava Sobel Walker

    John Harrison was that sort of an inventing genius who spent 19 solitary years working on the single version of his clock to check its accuracy as to whether it is comparable to local noon at sea with local noon back home timings. This intriguing book narrates a tale of the first marine chronometer which was invented by the deeply-focused self-educated British clockmaker. This story has villains and a hero and a lot of details about his invention and the struggles that came with it.

  3. To Conquer the Air By James Tobin

    The book depicts the tale of the onetime bicycle-shop owners from Dayton, Ohio and us brilliantly written with the portrayal of the panaroma of early 20th century America and about Wilbur Wright. The highly intelligent Wright brothers were amazingly calm during extreme pressure and had a modesty that was touching. They were determined to compete against the greatest of inverters and come out a winner Aby inventing an optimal wing for an engine to fly in the air.

  4. The Soul of a New Machine By Tracy Kidder

    The invention of a superminicomputer is depicted in this enthralling book where Tracry Kidder painstakingly chronicles the quest of this clever invention. It's not just a book about software writing code; it is so much more with the craziness of an inventer's life thrown in along with ideas and upheavals.

  5. The Invention of Hugo Cabret By Brian Selznick

    A thieving orphan and a pen enthusiastic clock keeper who resides in the walls of a hectic Paris train station, Hugo's survival is dependent on a web of secrets and anonymity. A cryptic drawing along with a message from his deceased father, an angry old man, a strange girl and a stroll key all form a soellbinding mystery about inventions and the secrets that come with them.

"The Rocketbelt Caper"
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