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Unique or Unusual Gift Ideas

Finding unique or unusual gift ideas can be tricky in the modern world. People often just go ahead and get each other gift certificates these days, which is more or less on par with giving people money. In an age where people seem to post everything to social media websites and they have photograph evidence for their entire lives, finding truly unique gift ideas can be difficult. However, if people at least know where to look when it comes to some of their gift ideas, they might be able to at least come up with some comparatively original gifts/presents ideas.

People who enjoy collecting almost anything are going to create lots of great opportunities for gift giving. However, people can be creative when it comes to giving them new things. For instance, if someone is a member of a particular fandom, it's often tempting to just get them merchandise from that fandom. However, they might appreciate something that's unexpected, like a program for a fandom event that occurred decades earlier. While this might seem like a simple item, if it carries enough sentimental value, it's going to be more than good enough for many people.

The Information Age has created entirely new fields of gift giving. Some people might have e-books that they've written online, and writing them a review can serve as a great gift. Posting someone's blog to Reddit in order to give them more views can be a gift that might even help people advance. Adding someone's content to a directory can work just as well.

Some people have nontraditional gift ideas in their own right. People might consider something as seemingly mundane as a vintage gum wrapper to be a good gift if it is from a time period that they find interesting or if they're interested in the early days of a particular brand. Other people really do enjoy gifts that are perfectly functional, even though gifts like these are considered slaps in the face to others. Some people find homemade gifts much more meaningful, whatever they are. Other people reject homemade gifts even if they're good. Offering people any unique gifts/presents is often a matter of knowing their individual tastes and situations.

For some individuals, having new experiences is more meaningful than having more items. Many people are not as interested in owning material things as they are in doing different things. However, they might be hindered by the fact that having too many responsibilities at home prevents them from having even day-trips. Sometimes, offering to baby-sit for someone or giving them more than a day's wages can actually serve as a better gift than just giving them concert tickets or money for a day trip. For many people, even being able to take a break from their responsibilities serves as a real gift, and being able to use the spare time for something that's actually fun can truly make all the difference. Some people are going to seem genuinely difficult to shop for, but even they're going to have potential for really creative people.

"The Rocketbelt Caper"
by Paul Brown

ufwcThe Rocketbelt Caper:
A True Tale of Invention, Obsession and Murder
Tonto Press, 2007
A bizarre true crime story revolving around an amazing James Bond-style rocketbelt. 'A delight to read... Recommended.' More here.

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