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The Rocketbelt Caper - Review

The book "The Rocketbelt Caper by Paul Brown was a fun read and definitely a book worth picking up if you are into Science and Technology! The book is based on the idea of a "Rocket belt device", which in theory was able to lift you off the ground for numerous seconds and allow you to move around, similar to a jet pack of sorts. Paul did an excellent job with writing the book and kept me fascinated, wanting to read more and more of the book every time I picked it up.

The amount of attention and detail in this book is just right, with enough for the average reader to understand what is going on without much prior knowledge of the rocket belt device or similar machinery, while at the same time keeps readers who are extremely into science and technology such as the rocket belt device very interested in the book with lots of information and history about the device. As suggested by the title, the book mostly touches base on the Rocket Belt device and its history in science with a story following it.

When I originally found this book, I had thought that it was more of a non-fiction, informational book talking about the invention of the rocketbelt and its history, however after reading the book and learning more about it, I found out it was a sci-fi novel that discussed the history and science behind the Rocketbelt with a story attached to it! Throughout the book, many strange and interesting events occurred throughout the story line, including a kidnapping, assault, theft, a lawsuit, and a murder near the end of the book. This book was one of the most interesting books I've read in a while and my all time favorite sci-fi book so far. I would definitely recommend picking this book up.

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"The Rocketbelt Caper"
by Paul Brown

ufwcThe Rocketbelt Caper:
A True Tale of Invention, Obsession and Murder
Tonto Press, 2007
A bizarre true crime story revolving around an amazing James Bond-style rocketbelt. 'A delight to read... Recommended.' More here.

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